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protective services

Treeline provides professional uniformed and plain clothes security and protection services. Continuous security service and staffing are provided at fixed and mobile sites throughout California and the nation.

technical support

We provide preliminary Risk Management Plans (RMP) under the overall direction of a working group of stakeholders. Our work has produced preliminary reports, which are designed to provide an overview of the risks associated with community construction projects. Our reports are for general use, particularly by developers and governmental agencies in addressing community questions and impact studies. We do not regard our guidance or report as the last word on the risks associated to the planned project, however it is the best step forward in mitigating risks associated to such projects.


Risk is an event that, if it occurs, adversely affects the ability of a project to achieve its outcome objectives. Risk management is the process of identifying risk, assessing risk, and taking steps to reduce risk to an acceptable level.


Crime Prevention Through Enviromental Design (CPTED):

Our CPTED security consultants will develop a comprehensive CPTED strategy and provide the necessary consultation, design, and CPTED security systems to reduce the fear and incidence of crime at your property. We have assisted on hundreds of projects ranging from residential neighborhoods to large-scale commercial developments. We have worked on park projects, mass transit, government properties, public and private schools, as well as international projects.


We have extensive experience in the private and public sector of crime prevention and designing safer communities. We have expertise in criminology and the reasons crime occurs. It is critical to have a crime prevention specialist on your project team to ensure that your project meets the standards of safety and security.

permit processes

Treeline is committed to our client’s success in their growth endeavors. This includes assisting many of our clients with various permitting processes at the city, county, and state governmental levels. We have assisted many clients in highly regulated industries.

transportation services

Treeline understands and recognizes the need for freedom and convenience of movement in our daily transportation needs, but also realizes the need in maintaining our clients’ safety and security. Currently, the industry provides one or the other, leaving many clients in peril, deciding on convenience of movement through conventional means such as taxis, limos, or public transportation, ultimately sacrificing their safety; or they are forced to contract with expensive security companies, losing convenience and affecting their bottom line.


Rooted in innovation, Treeline bridges the gap between convenience and safety in transportation. We accomplish this through our highest level of standards, the training our drivers receive, our affordable rates and packages, and our responsive 24-hour services.

threat management

Treeline provides assessment and planning to address any perceived risk and/or threat that challenges our clients’ day-to-day lives and businesses. Treeline addresses and mitigates those threats with meticulous planning, appropriate staffing, and pertinent training. Treeline members are highly trained, responsive, and forward-thinking problem solvers.


Threat Management- Off Duty Officers (ODO):

Members are current tactical operators working within specialized units such as police tactical teams, undercover operations, and active street crimes units. These members are by far the most elite, experienced, best trained, task-driven teams available to the private sector. Treeline provides this level of threat management to its clients directly, without the national corporate low-bid, sub-contracting security guard mentality or the ivory tower, out of touch, outdated perspective that plagues the industry. Treeline (ODO) members are everyday professionals that live and breath the challenges clients provide.

investigative services

Treeline provides private investigators (CA PI License #24992). Investigators are selected and contacted directly so that clients can be assured that investigated matters will be handled with the greatest of discretion and upmost confidentiality.

community outreach

Too often, the security industry overlooks the client’s reputation and image. Treeline actively takes steps in protecting its clients’ reputation and image. One of the ways Treeline accomplishes this is through our Community Outreach services. Whether our clients are looking to expand through construction, hosting an event, or simply trying to conduct day-to-day operations, Treeline takes a proactive approach in minimizing the impact felt by the community, neighboring businesses, and public resources (police, fire, and medical). We utilize superior customer service, good neighbor policies, effective communication, and conflict resolution.


Treeline has successfully lowered our clients’ volume of community complaints, risk of litigation, need for public resources, and negative press coverage, all while preserving the client’s reputation, future interests, and bottom line.

quality assurance

Treeline will work as an independent contractor to test specific models to assure that they are functioning as intended and producing qualitative and fiscally quantifiable results based on the client’s input.

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